Ashland has worked with all the major FRP design and inspection firms over the years. Our reputation is at stake every time we recommend one of these firms to EPCMs and end users. Maverick never disappoints. Their expertise, wisdom and execution is unmatched in the industry.

Thomas L. Johnson
Ashland, Inc.

  • Maverick provided QA inspection services on site during the abrasive blasting of concrete cells, the priming of the prepared surfaces and the application of FRP laminate to protect the surfaces from contact with process fluids.
  • Maverick provided engineering, finite element analysis, technical support and review for an FRP self-supporting spray header. In addition, Maverick also provided shop construction inspections during construction. Maverick also authored a design, material, and fabrication specification.
  • Maverick conducted internal and external FRP inspections for maintenance assessment of an FRP chimney liner.
  • Maverick was responsible for the FRP engineering and technical support for nearly all FRP equipment required for the new construction of a copper metal processing plant. This included technical evaluation and inspection of vendor calculations, and drawings for technical merit and project compliance of over 200 pieces of FRP equipment (including 30,000 m of FRP piping). Detailed engineering, analysis and analytical testing was performed to facilitate and support the project. Maverick also provided continuous on-site insections of site installation contractors.
  • Maverick performed a plant audit of FRP piping and pipe support arrangements for FGD Systems and auxiliary piping in the process unit. The plant audit included examining over 2,200 lineal feet of FRP piping ranging from 2 inches to 4 feet in diameter for proper materials of construction, manufacturing quality and compliance with defined installation requirements. Pipe supports were reviewed for sensibility with accepted design practices and methodology. Support construction and functionality were examined for stiffness, load distribution and use of shear collars.
  • Maverick developed the specifications and quality assurance program for a paper mill, including providing QA inspection services during relining of CLO2 Storage tanks. Maverick also inspected internally several thousand feet of effluent transfer pipe lines along with a number of miscellaneous processing vessels.
  • Maverick provided failure investigation and assessment of the remaining service life for a 30 inch to 60 inch diameter cooling tower with FRP distribution piping. The assessment included recording conclusions and making recommendations to improve the life span of the cooling tower.
  • Maverick performed an internal inspection of four underground storage vessels to assess the condition of the tanks and to project the remaining and reliable service life.
  • Maverick designed, engineered and provided the pipe supports for 20 inch to 9 foot FRP piping for an FGD absorber recycle system.
  • Maverick developed an FRP quality assurance program for the plant site and provided resident FRP inspection services to oversee and observe field fabrication of large diameter vertically wound FRP shells for scrubbers and chimney liners.
  • Maverick provided shop surveillance, inspections and technical evaluation of 10 kilometers of 6 inch diameter high pressure FRP piping for seawater supply to a desalination plant.
  • Maverick provided QA inspection services on site for 24 hour coverage of steel tank re-lining with FRP beginning with abrasive blasting to final post cure.  The project included a review of the Monsanto specifications for relining steel vessels, Inspector verification of abrasive white metal blast profile, thickness checks of applied primer, nozzle inserts, QA of the applied laminate, spark testing and final inspection of the completed lining.
  • Maverick provided QA inspection services for FRP piping while being fabricated and performed final inspection of the piping including witness of final pressure testing with Acoustic Emission monitoring. 
  • Maverick provided QA inspection services for FRP tanks while being fabricated and performed final inpection of the tank including witness of pressure testing with Acoustic Emission monitoring.
  • Maverick provided FRP consulting services for a desalination facility, which provides drinking water for public use. Maverick performed a vendor calculation review, site QA inspections and technical support of project piping and process equipment, including pressure vessels.

According to a report in the Charleston Gazette, the West Virginia DEP's new "law requires all tanks to be registered with the DEP and sets up requirements for tank safety, spill prevention and response, and inspections. The initial tank safety certifications, due by Jan. 1, 2015, will be conducted under a separate rule the DEP issued to ease that process."

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