Ashland has worked with all the major FRP design and inspection firms over the years. Our reputation is at stake every time we recommend one of these firms to EPCMs and end users. Maverick never disappoints. Their expertise, wisdom and execution is unmatched in the industry.

Thomas L. Johnson
Ashland, Inc.

  • Maverick designed FRP piping and pipe supports for the Intake Structure Seawater Screen Wash System, 150 PSI.
  • Maverick provided shop surveillance, inspections and technical evaluation of 10 kilometers of 6 inch diameter high pressure FRP piping for seawater supply to a desalination plant.
  • Maverick provided detailed engineering of FRP pressure vessels for a chemical processing plant . Pressure vessels were 1m diameter and designed in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section X, for a 100 psi internal pressure with wind and seismic occasional loading. Due to internal structures, large nozzles and substantial nozzles loadings, the pressure vessel design was confirmed using finite element analysis as required by the Code.
  • Maverick performed detailed pipe stress analysis for microfiltration and reverse osmosis systems which included transfer piping for project material and cost evaluations, giving consideration to stainless steel and FRP piping materials for the seawater and brackish water applications.
  • Maverick provided FRP consulting services for a desalination facility, which provides drinking water for public use. Maverick performed a vendor calculation review, site QA inspections and technical support of project piping and process equipment, including pressure vessels.

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