Job Title: Mechanical Engineer
Job Location: Palmetto, FL

Job Duties: Engineering design of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tank, stack, piping, and other equipment and components. Engineering design will primarily be based on calculations, pipe stress analysis, 3D modeling, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Additionally static structural steel design will be performed for pipe support design and miscellaneous structures for piping, tanks, and stacks. Detailed reporting in the form of technical writing and data tables shall also be performed. The Engineer will also be involved with the preparation of engineering and pipe support proposals and quotes. Some travel for field FRP equipment and piping inspections, and conducting field site surveys for verification of system arrangement and pipe support locations for system evaluation and engineering should be expected. Other tasks include involvement and general and statistical review of results for FRP material testing, material selection, and preparation of detailed specifications for piping, tanks, and other FRP equipment and components.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Professional Engineer (PE) license in the state of Florida is required. Knowledge of resin and reinforcement components in FRP laminates, theoretical analysis and calculations to estimate material properties for polymer composite laminates, ASTM testing standards specific for polymer composites, and FRP fabrication methods.

To apply: Send resume to Maverick Applied Science, Inc. at 1915 24th Ave. E., Palmetto, FL 34221. Must refer to code #SS2019

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