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Job Title:FRP Inspection Manager
Job Posting:FRP Inspection Manager
Job Posting Date:12/18/18

Summary -Inpsection, observation and documentation of FRP equipment and components in accordance with the MAS QA Program and client quality control procedures and documentation.

Primary Responsibilities: 1.) Field FRP Fabrications. 2.) Shop FRP Fabrications, shipped to site. 3.) Onsite FRP field winding activities, (large diameter shell over 30 ft in diameter. 4.) Field FRP hand lay-up wraps for pipe and duct-work assembly. 5.) Examination and evaluation of thermoplastic linings and welds. 6.) Examinations of coating. 7.) Elevated FRP Chimney Liner hand lay-up joints between individual cans, completed in place in chimney. 8.) Review gel test and other material test data and reports. 9.) Evaluation of bond testing, such as peel testing or climbing drum testing. 10.) Barcol hardness testing 11.) Thickness measurements with UT or Polygauge. 12.) Verification of raw materials. 13.) Laminate quality in accordance with project specifications and applicable standards. 14.) Dimensional accuracy of equipment. 15.) Documentation, reporting and record keeping of all inspections and testing. 16.) Other duties as assigned.

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