Maverick has changed the perception of FRP in the mining market. Now, we see FRP as a reliable material for our needs.

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Maverick Applied Science

No one ever said that solving the world’s rapidly growing need for clean water would be easy. In fact, while technology has given us the ability to turn even the filthiest water into a useable resource, the extremely hostile nature of the process has made it both expensive and potentially dangerous.

Fortunately, fiberglass reinforced plastic provides both lower cost and more reliable corrosion resistance than more traditional materials such as metal alloys and lined steel. With its superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, FRP piping is used to process water in all sorts of enterprises from industrial wastewater treatment to demineralization to odor control.

In short, if it involves the purification of water, it should involve FRP piping. And if it involves FRP piping, it should involve Maverick.

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Applications for FRP in water and wastewater include:

  • Industrial and municipal waste water supply
  • Ferric chloride
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Acid waste neutralization
  • Sludge water
  • Corrosive water
  • Wastewater transportation.

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Presented by Darryl Mikulec, P.E., Engineering Manager for Maverick Applied Science.  Darryl is currently the Vice Chair of the ASME NPPS NM.2 Design Subgroup for FRP Pressure Piping and is an active member of the NPPS NM.2 Subcommittee and ASME RTP-1 Subcommittee on Design.