Jeff Eisenman

When Jeff Eisenman was thinking about starting an engineering company, the most common advice he got was “Don’t do it. Who needs another engineering company?”

So much for words of wisdom. In 1999 Jeff went right ahead and started Maverick Applied Science Inc. anyway. As he says “There may be other engineering companies, but I can pretty much guarantee that there are no other engineering companies quite like Maverick.”

A mechanical engineer with a couple of decades of experience, Jeff cut his teeth in the world of FRP with Beetle Engineering Associates as an FRP stress analyst, project engineer and project manager. His engineering and field capabilities for FRP and metallic materials include pipe stress analysis, finite element analysis, structural design, material specification, QC inspection (shop and field), construction and failure investigation.

Jeff is deeply involved in Maverick projects requiring engineering, design, inspection and installation of recycle and process piping, process storage tanks, stacks, chimney liners, FRP ductwork, pipe supports and supporting structures. Just as important, according to Jeff, is his role as business and integrity leader of Maverick. His strong belief that you should “do the right thing the right way” provides the moral compass that directs all Maverick enterprise.

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A Discussion on Veils and Reinforcements for Longevity

Presented by Darryl Mikulec, P.E., Engineering Manager for Maverick Applied Science.  Darryl is currently the Vice Chair of the ASME NPPS NM.2 Design Subgroup for FRP Pressure Piping and is an active member of the NPPS NM.2 Subcommittee and ASME RTP-1 Subcommittee on Design.